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 Your journey toward personal freedom, prosperity, deep self-connection and soulful pleasures starts here.
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I help connect you to your true self-passion and purpose thru the power
of creative visualization, meditation, and a focused, awakened vision of your
message and presence in the world through Intuitive Marketing practices that help you craft your message, build your brand and help your tribe find you!
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This is the basis for my intuitive marketing work. I call this  DREAMING INTO ACTION
-4 simple steps that you can do every day that will match you with the world you desire -Begin Today-
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Katey Sagal-(SOA's Gemma)actress/vocalist & Omarosa-TV Celeb/author with Jennifer Bair- Personal friends of The OPEN ROAD!

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Urvashi's OPEN ROAD "Bikerini-India Style"

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Remember that our thoughts are real and carry energy…conscious thoughts toward our happiness, prosperity, and love is the transformation we seek- 
I call this process  "DREAMING INTO ACTION"
It's only 4 steps to your bold and soulful life-
#1. Set your Goal(focus with clear intention)
#2. Create a clear picture, idea or feeling of your intention
#3. Focus on It Often
#4. Give It Lots of Positive Energy(see it manifested in your life now and live as though it were real-now) 
Matched vibrations of prosperity, wellness, love and peace
bring More of what you are feeling/thinking- 
This works on so many levels-but it is a practice and takes time...
This is the essence of "Dreaming Into Action"
Attention -
Coaches, Body Workers, Healers,
Storytellers and Artists

Interactive Online Salons& Live Workshops
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You will learn practices and techniques for discovering, expanding and finding your bold and soulful life-"beyond the ride". You will receive the tools for getting out the ditch and onto the Open Road path...Decide-practice conscious positive thoughts, Focus on what you want to see-visualize it, feel it, Energize into actionable steps and Practice simple exercises that build trust and hopeful outcomes. You will learn and practice in a safe, supportive environment How To DREAM INTO ACTION- and USE THIS PROCESS for YOUR CLIENTS, whether you are a coach, healer, body worker, artist, writer, musician, 
we will work together to discover, expand and give in service to others we'll find abundance comes to us-it has to-that's the law!
These are beliefs from the Feminine Divine perspective
and the guidance of Nature and the Goddess*

Several times a year I host live workshops where I lead guided meditations, experiential playtime, group and solo exercises, then group feedback and casual networking. We have a great group of regular participants who are open to new ideas, people and products. Look for my next one in the San Francisco Bay area coming soon-first join The Open Road E-Mail List for details and to sign the meantime...get a taste of the OPEN ROAD-signup for our community Elist-No Selling or Spaming-   

Welcome the Energy of Abundance into your life-  "It Works" JennBair

Remember that our thoughts are real
and carry energy… Our vibration matters!


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"Find your OPEN ROAD To Abundance Now"   

What does Your Open Road look like?

"What I have learned, is how to recognize, experience, cultivate and share the Power of Intention, Imagination and Vibration for More in my life and the lives on everyone I connect with. As a result, I continue to expand my practice, co-creatorship and prosperity through The OPEN ROAD SERIES.  I like to think of this collection of ideas, tools and experiential play as the ultimate ride into living a bold and soulful life- the life we all deserve-the life we will have once we join the Open Road Community. So, come on-its time to DREAM INTO ACTION - ....Personal Evolution is just our wake-up call to the world we really want."
Jennifer Bair
founder of The OPEN ROAD SERIES, author, musician, producer,  whole life attraction mentor

catch Jan's Story excerpt from OPEN ROAD A Goddess-Biker Guidebook 
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